Love…Hate - Fishbone - Chim Chims Badass Revenge (CD, Album)

Although the band was included on the Warped tour around the time of the album's release, Chim Chim's Badass Revenge suffered the same cruel commercial fate as its predecessor. And repeating the conclusion of their previous tour, another longtime bandmember would leave drummer Fish , and Fishbone would leave their record company once again. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully.

Blues Classical Country. Electronic Folk International. Jazz Latin New Age. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Romantic Sad Sentimental. John Bigham, who'd joined the band during the tour for The Reality of My Surroundings makes his only solo guitar effort on this album, leaving shortly after the completion due to what was cited as "lack of creative input" and wanting to create a solo career.

It has been heard that most of the lyrics for the entire album were in fact written by Walter Kibby. The song "Alcoholic" was written by Angelo Moore in his teenage years and was inspired by his uncle before the band was signed to Sony Records and appears on their original demo submitted to record labels. It was often live introduced by Angelo Moore as "a song I wrote about my uncle The album sold well in underground circles but only reached on the Billboard Album Charts.

Album - Billboard North America. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved March 31, November I can find peace and tranquility amongst the peanuts and shit The smell is only a bluff Just to make me leave from In the cube this fuckin' cube In the toilet Where no good scent can spoil it. Let's be real with ourselves Let's be real with ourselves From the dirt we came And from the dirt we shall return This is a lesson in life We should all learn I'm in the cube And I'm deep in the toilet Way down deep Where no good scent can spoil it It eventually turns into a degree of a flea Down here I see the future of life to be.

Cuzz no matter how much you Stack it up high, it always goes down To the dirt where the shit fertilizes Some don't realize we come from this dirt Shit. The mineral pit. God made the devil But the devil makes us weak sometimes So are we fighting against a part of God Or is a part of God's creation lying?

Let some woman or man deem himself special Cuzz when your label is gone Your road is long Back to the minerals and vitamins Where you belong Chant 4x. My friend yousta be thin He's get all the women We'd go kick it at the bar But his drinkin' went too far He could see over his belt The brotha was slim and svelte But the gut snuck up while he wasn't lookin' And the beer stood firm within Beergut Gettin' in the way of things Beergut, no longer can he see his nuts, Beergut He will keep drinkin' till he throws up He's got the dunlap disease His gut is troubled trapped When his gut lap over his belt buckle My Hommie's arms and legs are thin His Gut is filled with Heineken 40 ounce chug-a-lugs of Old English Saint Ides Budweiser Micky's Big Mouth Beergut Gettin' in the way of things Beergut, no longer can he see his nuts, Beergut He will keep drinkin' till he throws up Then we leave from the bar We go to the homestead Get a six pack and turn on the TV Then when the munchies take over We will raid the convenience store Grubbin' and scarfin' and fucked up And the Beergut grows some more Beergut.

You ask me if I'm unhappy Well, no I'm not fine I ask you the same question and now it's trivia time Well I just turned in my players card Girl, so here's my parting line Good-bye, Good-bye, Good-bye Repeat We traveled some rough seas to get to the shore of sunshine But the sun shines a brief time Cause the clouds are in your mind You got your own concepts Well, baby I got mine It's okay not seein' eye to eye But we have trouble bein' kind Just like pourin' cool water in a got grease Ya see we can't combine You had your good man but you've taken for granted your rare find You got a selfish way that seems to be in your design Well I'm too experienced to take kicks in my behind Next time you find love adhere to the warning sign Good-bye Good-bye Good-bye Good-bye A doggi deegee dagee Doo goo You selfish Nah.

We had a speaker on the roof and a speaker on the hill with four turntables and a reel to reel. All the pretty women came, no ugly chicks all the stars came from the Ritz.

The people eat the chicken and they drink up all the liquor and they turn into a big Screwdriver Well With an Eight for a chaser, spit it on the bouncer, bouncer kicked his ass and he lost a girlfriend with a big soul kitchen Now he's layin' in the gutter like a skid row bum Skid row bum style Ohh Alcoholic Ohh Scotch and Ohh make you scratch the record Ohh burn the spaghetti Well I came home from school on a Monday. I missed the radio reggae show. I felt like a rude boy, I could have slammed me a poseur "You know" Well My uncle called me a punk rocker in the doorway as he dribbled on the table when he started to say, "You're not a rude boy, you're a lazy boy, you should make like a tree and leave Make like a library and book, Make like a roach and bug off Ohh Alcoholic you can't drive Before you crash and go to jail.

Quench the Hate in the mean time but in the end your soul will end. Like a junkie that needs his shott, Hate Revenge the brotha's twins. Love is solid and won't go nowhere Love will stay as sure as Life lives Love will stay it's crept in everywhere Love, Hate, too close for most but revenge can make it even Repeat Revenge: is gained when Hate kills Love Love rises above because Love is the dove Love and Hate both are the same Causing the extreme opposites of the same pain When we meet on The fields of onions to make war Brings tears to my eyes When Love dies Hate will arise.

'Chim Chim's Badass Revenge' has created more reasons for arguement amoungst Fishbone fans than any other topic or album. Bitterly hated or adoringly loved, the balance of the two is undisputed as some say it is an amazing musical journey, and other say it is an angry shadow of the bands former biosfignantehenka.usimnarerosscougimiswhitthagebdust.infoinfos:

Retracing The Line - Various - Sampler CD nr. 1 (CD)

Polestar Magnetics went on to become eLab and most recently Equipped Music, and has produced a slew of top notch libraries over the past couple of decades, including the much-loved Smokers Delight series. With chart success for rave acts like The Prodigy and SL2, and The Orb reaching number 1 in the UK album charts, was undoubtedly the heyday of feel-good electronic music.

Spectrasonics made a big splash with its early releases, Distorted Reality 1 and 2 in particular, thanks to their originality and unparalleled production values. Read Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 review. Produced incognito by a legendary DnB production duo, Jungle Frenzy was the budget-priced follow-up to the enormously popular Jungle Warfare library.

Despite its low price, Jungle Frenzy had a better and broader array of sounds than its predecessor, including some great quality versions of classic breakbeats, pristine drum hits, and luscious keys and pads. Unlike many of its contemporaries, Jungle Frenzy is still available, and at a jaw-droppingly low price to boot.

Each kit offers about eight basic rhythm loops, along with a variety of fills, effects, bass lines, raps, and lead parts the trumpet is particularly special! Although many of the elements of the mixed rhythm loops are also provided separately, so that you can easily program your own patterns from scratch, perhaps the greatest strength of this title is the rhythm programming, which is gutsy and effortlessly propulsive.

The ingenuity of the fills, and their combination with the loops, transforms what could so easily be just a bunch of programmed sounds into something which lives, breathes, and terrorises the neighbourhood when the moon is full. This inspired programming combines with extremely punchy and upfront sampled sounds, and immediately marks out this CD as something a cut above the rest.

To help you find your way around the library, each kit has a tempo indication which seems to be bang on and a demo track of about a minute. The demo tracks mean that you can scan through the entire contents of the library looking for sounds in about 15 minutes, which has always seemed to me to be a strength of the construction-kit format. I was particularly pleased that the samples used in the demo were then almost all available free of any effects — although the downside of this is that you can't build the demo track itself easily, this isn't going to cause a problem with this library, as you'll probably be looking to take only individual elements of the mixes for use in your own music.

I was also delighted that the audio CD had a small click at the end of every sample to make editing a no-brainer, and that loops from the same kit could be put in series without the rhythmic lurches common to many lesser libraries.

If only all sample libraries showed as much consideration for the user. But the most important thing about this library is that it's a complete riot! There is something so playful, exuberant, and just plain bonkers about this whole production that every demo seems to have at least one element which simply begs to be sampled.

Left-field pop, electronica, and hip-hop producers in particular should ignore Phat Beats From The Box at their peril. Previous article Next article.

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Maz Sound.

Various Artists/Sampler. 48 Nr. 1 Country Hits Volume 2. 3-CD, (ID: )Missing: Retracing The Line.

ICB - New Order - Movement (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Would like to know what the CD version will have. Here's the vinyl artwork apparently? JM , Dec 19, This is easily one of my favorite New Order albums. Amazon is showing the Lp and cd of movement is the remaster.

Does anyone have any more information? Front Addict likes this. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page. Totally overpriced IMO. I hope the DVD will be available separately…. Completely agree even if New Order is one of my favourite all-time bands. Your email address will not be published. Search Search. Skip to content. New Order Movement - four-disc box set.

New Order Ceremony version 1 - inch vinyl. New Order Ceremony version 2 - inch vinyl. New Order Temptation - inch vinyl. June 1, at David says:. June 13, at Chris says:. April 30, at Ronen says:. April 17, at Nigel D Day says:. April 6, at Be warned people!!!! Steve F says:. April 10, at Andrew Sellers says:. April 5, at Weekend listening sorted! Carl says:. April 1, at Paul Sinclair says:.

Amazon are just using the wrong photo them. Shame really — the price was very nice. Flavian says:. Annoyingly no download codes.

Mike says:. March 23, at March 24, at Too impatient to wait. Bought one. No codes. Nice packaging and the record weighs a ton. Flybynights says:. March 10, at Tom says:. July 13, at Martin says:. January 9, at Vitor says:. February 14, at Martyn Alner says:. December 31, at Mark says:. January 3, at I got that as well. Very annoying. Have tried to source it elsewhere with no success.

January 4, at I was even more dismayed when I saw the book was only 48 pages. January 6, at Ordered December 29, at December 28, at Neil says:. December 23, at Dr Volume says:. FAC says:. January 11, at With "Temptation" being a cast iron New Order classic, this is an essential part of any New Order collection.

Side 1 "Temptation" Side 2 "Hurt". Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. Release Date November, Styles Post-Punk Synth Pop. Solitude Introspection Reflection. Track Listing. Slant Magazine placed the album at number 42 on its list of the "Best Albums of the s", saying it "exists almost exactly in between Joy Division 's post-punk sound and the synth-pop style that would come to define New Order and influence pop music for decades".

After the suicide of Joy Division 's singer Ian Curtis in May , and the subsequent shock for those surrounding him, remaining members Bernard Sumner , Peter Hook and Stephen Morris elected to carry on, albeit under a new name — New Order. With the exception of two songs, "Ceremony" first played live at Joy Division's very last gig, a little over two weeks before Curtis's death and "In a Lonely Place" unreleased, but demoed in the studio , all the material played would be new.

A couple of songs on Movement stem from the initial songwriting session the band undertook in the summer of The interim solution was that all three members took turns at singing before finally deciding that Bernard Sumner should take the main vocalist's role with Peter Hook as back-up though he sang lead on "Dreams Never End" and "Doubts Even Here". The introduction in October of Gillian Gilbert , Stephen Morris's girlfriend, lightened the burden on Sumner who had to play guitar and keyboards and sing something he found impossible to do simultaneously and enabled the band to pursue a more electronic approach.

Subsequently, the remainder of the songs that appeared on Movement were written and then recorded over a seven-month period "in two big bits, and a whole lot of little bits", according to Sumner, [13] as well as "Mesh", "Cries and Whispers" both early live staples and used as B-sides , "Procession" and " Everything's Gone Green ", the latter forming a non-album single released as FAC53 in September The producer of the album was once again Martin Hannett , who had worked with them as Joy Division; however, the rapport between producer and band had in the ensuing time eroded.

Hannett was in a legal dispute with Factory Records and suffering from substance and alcohol abuse, and the band members—themselves still coming to terms with having to write and arrange songs without Curtis's ear and lyric-writing ability—found him uncooperative. It would be the last time they worked together. Musically, Movement is a transitional album. The expansion of the sonic palette heard on Closer is also present on this album with synths on all but the opening track and electronic percussion especially on "Truth".

New Order’s debut album Movement recorded between 24th April to the 4th May at Strawberry in Stockport and featuring all new material, produced by Martin Hannett was released in 11th November on Factory Records.

Get It Messunit Much Time Stumbles - Rupture - S.A.T.A.N. (CDr)

They stand silently against the near wall, hands on their phasers. Janice is strapped to a gurney, twilighted but not unconscious, and her eyes roll towards Kirk and fix on him. He holds her stare for as long as he can before he looks away. He flashes half a sideways glance at Kirk, who is carefully keeping his eyes trained away from the cot. He rarely raises his voice and he carries himself with all the quiet restraint of a stalking predator, and both of these qualities go a long way towards heading off trouble before it starts.

She threatened the Captain and the senior officers of this ship. He glances up at the operations console, to which Spock has absented himself during the brief exchange, and from which he watches with hooded eyes and an unreadable expression.

He steps quickly up onto the transporter pad and Spock falls in beside him without a word. Spock and I will beam down initially and signal when the Starbase is ready to receive our medical party. Energize, Mr. As the beam takes hold, Kirk notices that Dr. He lifts his eyes and stares at the wall as it dissolves in front of him. The air crackles with leashed energy and the lighting is low by the console where the welcoming party waits.

The CO steps forward, smiling widely with her hands outstretched, and Kirk fixes an answering grin across his face and steps forward to meet her. He extricates himself from one half of the embrace to gesture back towards the transporter pad, where Spock has found something fascinating to stare at on the ceiling. He steps forward. She and I were at the Academy together. Spock acknowledges it with a terse nod and mirrors the gesture.

Your reputation precedes you. That earns her another nod and a stone-faced mask of purest Vulcan implacability. But she recovers well. Valiantly, she nods over to Spock. If her smile falters for just a second, she covers it quickly, and Kirk plasters a smooth grin across his face to distract from the ice monster to his left. Kirk braces himself.

A middle-aged Saurian in science blues steps forward. I will be supervising Dr. We are ready to receive the patient. He glances up at Spock and sees that he is already reaching for his communicator.

The Captain strides rapidly towards the door as soon as the beam releases him, and his parting words are a brusque injunction to Spock to take the con and report to him in his quarters for their lunchtime appointment. Spock briefly glances at Dr. McCoy, whose eyes are fixed on the figure disappearing down the corridor. The idea had occurred to Spock even before they beamed back up from the Starbase, but he dismissed it uneasily.

Even if he had the words, he doubts they would be welcome. Sometimes Kirk just needs to be alone. He expects an explosion of Georgian acrimony and has partially shielded against it, and so the soft puff of air comes as something of a surprise. How much of a problem it was became clear when he glanced up at the Captain as he was leaving the bridge this morning and realized how much the past few days have cost him. Even in the face of some very shaky controls. The command chair is largely decorative this morning, and there is nothing to be gained from telling Sulu or Chekov their jobs during routine maneuvers.

Vulcan and Human standards of aesthetic attraction are not identical, but they are similar enough to call Commander Sun beautiful. Her slender body was slight but powerful, her dark hair glinted in the low light, and her pale skin seemed to glow from within. Her smile stretched from one high cheekbone to another and the teeth it revealed were white and straight. None of these things alone is enough to mark a being as attractive, but they converge on a face that defines an ideal of feminine allure to which, experience tells him, the Captain is highly susceptible.

It comes to this: the knowledge has always been there, however deeply buried, that their current situation is transitory. One day, probably soon, he will make his choice and everything will change. What are the chances, in any case, of Spock escaping another pon farr unattached? But Kirk is lonely and, when he decides to do something about that, there will be no shortage of opportunities for him.

Commander Sun is simply the most immediate option right now. He smiles up at his First Officer as the door closes behind him and the sentiment makes a noble attempt to reach his eyes, but their customary spark is missing.

He gestures a hand towards the empty chair. Spock resists the urge to shy away from the scrutiny and meets the gaze, offering what silent reassurance he can in his unpracticed expression. I was glad of a friendly face. It provokes a genuine laugh from the other side of the desk. But you know what I mean. Kirk waves a hand dismissively. The Captain opens his mouth and then closes it again. There are a host of possible responses to this. He could draw attention to their effusive greetings and the impression they are bound to create in the casual observer.

To pull apart now would be to destroy this fragile moment of calm and potentially to deliver an injury from which they cannot recover. And with every instant that passes, another piece of his control shatters.

The Captain slides his hand away and settles back into his chair and the door buzzes to announce the arrival of a Yeoman with lunch.

The ordinary business of an ordinary day rushes back into the room so suddenly and so quickly that the moment might never have been — but for the fact that Spock finally understands that he is lost.

Hover over the Vulcan words for a pop-up translation If for any reason browser incompatibility' Gremlins in the machine; Mondays the pop-up doesn't work, then you can download a translation from MediaFire. Skilsu nash-veh. Perhaps that has something to do with it, in fact. Nekhau sanu. There is a sigh. If it were possible to draw air into his lungs past the minimum required for cardio-pulmonary function, Kirk might chuckle.

The fact that it is not has not been lost on his amygdala, which is now controlling the show and forces his vocal chords to bypass that part of his brain that is vaguely aware that an audience of Ensigns and Lieutenants have paused in their workouts to watch their Captain get his ass handed to him. Mindful of Vulcan etiquette even now, Kirk smiles his thanks and clambers to his feet unaided, dispersing the gathering crowd by virtue of acknowledging their presence. A dozen heads flick quickly away, suddenly intent on equipment, each other, or - if all else fails - the walls.

Kirk grins at his First. Spock has barely a hair out of place and the thick, baggy tunic and pants that he habitually uses for exercise are still sharply creased and immaculate.

Spock inclines his head gravely. Another man might have missed the little flicker of amusement glinting behind his carefully immutable expression, but Kirk is enjoying himself far too much to believe that Spock is not equally entertained. Spock spends his days and nights in the labs, playing with complicated equations and occasionally calling the Captain in to gesture animatedly at something onscreen that looks remarkably like the product of an unsupervised three year old with a keyboard and a hammer.

Kirk complies, and is rewarded with a lightning tackle that zeroes in on his newly-exposed belly, sucking the breath from his lungs before he can even remember the Vulcan word for foul play. There is a tiny shift above him, as of a miniscule Vulcan shrug. Unseen, the Captain smirks. The elbow in his spine shifts fractionally, the better to pin him down.

There is a short pause. Kirk sighs. Or at least he would if he had the lung capacity. Kirk grins and allows himself to be roughly pulled to his feet.

There is a comm port on the wall beside the locker room door. He presses the button to activate the link. Shall I send it to your quarters or would you prefer to read it on the bridge? Kirk out. The knowledge that Spock is actively trying not to look does not do anything to invert the blood flow from the area; if anything, the implied attention makes things worse. Spock looks neither chagrined nor offended but simply inclines his head with a supercilious glint to his eye.

It is both a triumphant return to form, and at the same time indicative of less horror at the notion of humiliating the Captain than the Captain would necessarily prefer. Will you be in the labs? Not a hair is ruffled, nor is there a crease to be found on the sweat-free fabric of his tunic. The only perceptible sign of exertion is the slightly heightened scent from his skin — sharp and vaguely piquant, like freshly-chopped chillis or ginger.

I believe I will pass the evening by attending to a number of tasks that more immediately require my attention.

Kirk rolls his eyes and Spock predictably elaborates. They wander into the locker rooms and Kirk slings his soaked towel into the cycler.

He turns to Spock. And, Spock: try and get some rest, will you? Kirk watches him leave for a moment, since the room is empty and there is no-one to bear witness to a priapic Captain and the object of his gaze.

His skin is tacky and chilled in the relative cool of the tiles and shadows, and where it has been pressed against his First Officer the lingering scent of him remains. Kirk breathes deeply and his nostrils fill with the warm Vulcan flavors, always stronger and more thickly layered after their Suus Mahna , perfumed and peppery like an exotic spice.

And, if he considered it at all, he imagined that the distance from Kirk, both metaphorical and actual, was enough to restore some sort of equilibrium. As long as there has been a continuous stream of higher math churning through 50 percent of his brain, it has been possible to believe that this is all he feels. And then tonight the computer spat out the first in the series of logarithmic formulae that he initially predicted would start to map the binary gravitational matrix, and he suddenly realized that the project was approaching its conclusion.

More than that: the need for sentient input is now essentially past, and it only remains for his team to supervise the processing of results. From a cushioned bubble of parabolic segments and rotational axes, he has now found himself rather unceremoniously ejected into the prosaicness of a starship that is stationary in a non-hostile, unpopulated segment of charted space.

He knew that there was a chance, however minor, that Kirk would visit the gym this evening. The sudden burst of adrenalin at the thought of his Captain advised against the visit, and yet he knew despite all rational arguments to the contrary that he would go anyway. It was their customary hour for Suus Mahna practice, and though Spock knew that there was every chance Kirk would assume their sessions were indefinitely suspended, still his eyes swept the expanse of the gym from the locker room doors, from the suspended tracks to the recessed exercise booths, in an abortive effort to find him.

That might have been a more convincing argument had logic played any part in his decision to attend the gym. Spock is not so disordered that he was unable to maintain his controls during their session, but there comes a point after which it is both impossible and illogical to ignore the needs of the body. The diversion through the science labs is as much for his own peace of mind as to actually check on anything, because this level of need disturbs him and he would like to know that it can be subsumed and contained by necessity.

It makes him uneasy. He steps into the comfortable heat of his quarters and strips off his bulky tunic, laying it carefully on the edge of his bunk as he lowers himself to the mattress. With his controls relaxed and his mind wandering, he is hard within seconds, and the first sensation is relief.

In that instant, when he can feel the lithe figure pinned below him, he slips his hand inside his pants and firmly grips his erection around the base. The feel of his hand around the sensitive flesh explodes little flash-bombs of pleasure along his spine and into his brain, and already his fingers are slick and dripping with transferred lubricant.

With his free hand he eases his pants off his body, shuffling awkwardly so as not to break contact with his swollen cock, and kicks them free. He sits for a moment breathing heavily as the urgency builds.

Spock clears his mind until there is nothing there but a high whine of arousal, a screaming need, and a steady throb of lust. Slowly, he strips his hand from the base of his cock to its head, trailing thick stripes of his natural lube, and a grunt escapes him.

The pleasure is too intense now to restrain and he pumps his hand against the slippery shaft, eyes squeezed shut as a feverish excitement rises. It is impossible not to imagine that the friction of his hand is the gentle resistance of another body as he thrusts into it, and the only control he is able to offer is to shadow the features so that the face becomes any face, the body just a body.

He will not color the eyes in hazel or flash a sunshine smile over its shoulder as the pace increases; he will not imagine the sensation of being spread out, prone, above a stocky, muscular form and burying himself deeply within it.

Jim , he thinks desolately as his body ceases shaking and his heart begins to slow. It persists throughout his - mercifully solitary - shower and is only slightly abashed by the sudden rush of cool air as he exits the haze of perfumed steam and re-emerges into the relative arctic blast of the locker rooms, where a few assorted crewmembers have begun to change for an evening game of soccer.

A couple of them offer nods and the sort of uncomfortable greetings that you get when a superior officer and his subordinates are forced to converse in an off-duty scenario without alcohol, and, although half of them will absolutely have sprung inconvenient wood for no reason at all in the gym, he has no doubt that word of the Captain's erection will make its way around the junior decks before morning.

Kirk very much hopes that no-one joins the dots between aroused Captain and Suus Mahna with the First Officer. There are enough rumors about him as it is. Scrutiny and extrapolated invective are enough to wilt his recalcitrant member at last, although the lingering sense of arousal predicts that something will have to be done about it later in the evening.

He dresses quickly and glances at the chronometer: less than ten minutes have passed since the notification came through. He throws some cheerful wishes for a good game over his shoulder - might as well make them feel bad about gossiping - and leaves for his quarters. The light on his terminal is blinking like a beacon in the dark room, and he leaves the main lights low as he crosses to his desk and retrieves the information package.

The familiar crest fills the screen as he activates the security protocol that scans his retina and checks it against his voice print ID, and a tinny computer voice asks him to hold for a recorded message from Admiral Fitzpatrick.

Kirk releases a breath that he doesn't remember holding; Fitzpatrick is good news on a number of levels. They are in a section of the galaxy that is under his purview, meaning that any Starfleet personnel currently on assignment within that sector are technically answerable to him, and an encrypted communication for the Captain's eyes only, while almost certainly not the most exciting document this side of the Magna Carta, is likely to be comfortingly routine.

Kirk clicks play and the screen fills with the Admiral's serious, fatherly face. I've just left a meeting with the Junior Minister for Federal Expansion, amongst others, and this can't wait. I realize that the Enterprise is stationed in Beta Aurigae for another four days, but I'm going to have to cut that short. Your new orders follow - Fitzpatrick out.

Fitzpatrick's image abruptly disappears and the room darkens for a moment as the screen blanks. And then there's another Federal crest and a new document that opens with a destination, a mission objective and a timescale before devolving into a detailed background summary. In the shadowed semi-darkness, his eyes widen for a moment and a smile spreads slowly across his face.

He reaches for his comm port. Spock allows himself to stare at the ceiling in an ambivalent afterglow for 3. He is standing in an unsatisfied haze beneath the sonics when the sounds of occupation suddenly erupt behind the second door. It's a little too much of a reality check, with the warm cloud of orgasm still lingering in his groin, and he scrubs quickly and exits as quietly as he can. He is dressing himself in the loose robes he wears for meditation when his comm port buzzes.

He knows who it will be, of course. Theoretically it could be one of many people, but statistically, at this time of the evening and with the ship so secure and functional she's practically humming a jaunty tune, the odds are upwards of 98 percent that it will be the Captain. Spock is not certain he is ready to face the object of his self-reproach just yet, but he doesn't have much of a choice. He opens the channel. There is a tinge of breathless excitement to Kirk's tone that piques Spock's curiosity and earns another interested twitch from his lethargic cock, which, fortunately, is still heavily invested in the refractory period and can do no more than quirk a metaphorical eyebrow at present.

Nevertheless, Spock diverts a portion of his focus to stabilizing the blood flow to his groin and says, "Of course, Captain. I will join you momentarily. They have never openly declared an embargo on using the bathroom as a thoroughfare, it's just never happened. In the early days of Kirk's captaincy, their relationship was so overtly hostile that it simply wouldn't have occurred to either one - they barely acknowledged that they even shared a bathroom, let alone that the opposite door led into the other's quarters.

By the time the freeze had thawed sufficiently for them to voluntarily spend off-duty hours together, it had just become one of their established courtesies, like the median temperature setting and the observance of each others' traditions.

So he lets himself out into the corridor, startling a passing Ensign whose face flashes panic and then immediately schools itself into studied innocence before she scurries out of sight.

He buzzes formally at the Captain's door. It was something of a surprise to discover, in the first stages of infatuation, that it is the smallest of details that deliver the most blinding assaults on reason and emotion. When Kirk is at his ease, he absently toes his boots off his feet and leaves them scattered haphazardly around the room, canted at all angles, and pads about in his stocking feet. It is both shockingly intimate and staggeringly mundane, and yet it never fails to elicit a lightning tug of yearning from his First Officer that he suppresses only with great difficulty.

Kirk glances up and flashes him a brilliant smile. Kirk absorbs the information perfunctorily and beckons Spock to his desk. Kempner's getting society this way. I feel into the receiver. Okay, let's like i at cooking for the final see, irnifhns, apple brown Betty. It looks Fine. You think it's weird to use At , Bernardo, who is great. She's consummate. She is one of the last great hostesses. She gives "Everything's set. The waiters everyone uses frozen s pi ii ac h waiter when she has parties, are already dressed.

At Ile titile, tue kitchen. Margaret finished pulled their neckties out of slic. L11 l a few others less well wait a bit and serve SUI E er. II1 I had expected Nans pay known. Nn ' Margaret said. Nan places handwritten cards on dining table Rhinoceroses place dung deposis in piles ro Party-giving and l LrrY- to serve as seating-plan markers serve as territorial markers going have long been Nan follows up her telephoned invitations The Tasmanian woiffollows its prey tirelessly subjects of academic with mailed reminder cards until prey is exhausted scrutiny because they The short-tailed albatross can drink seawater Nan can throw a dinner parry with relatively are viewed as hcl aViOrS little effort because of her specialized staff without harm because ofits specialized nasal that signal society's gland direction.

This queer moment on Park Avenue realism. I feel like I am cooking for the final march of the dinosaurs," says Margaret, the cook orchestrates a guest list, and party, I called Nan. She hit she VIS, you see, just marvelous L. Pat By her description, I guessed orders her flowers, and draws Kennedy Lawford was there; that the arty was i success.

Chisholm, Minnesoo u IA i I,. WcIk tional Polka Fest in Polka Hall of 2. Tubo,, South Dokoto Fame. They arc also the Czech Days and 10, people only pcoplc assemble co dance and to cat kolacky, a tasty Czech pastry. Los Angeles, California year-old pa In labels ttr l. Among Locffclmachcrs 2 X -. Roscville, Californio In response. In lieu of UIIci. Modison, Wisconsin In August The new-wave establishment is desperate to make the polka the next big thing Zydeco for the nineties.

Americ 1' July. Flowery Bronci.. Racine, Wisconsin Polish Muslims, often perform here. As a player for the Braves, I. Fcomposed in by the late Sverre Fame and Museum man who litl ck-sdupc t. Slovonska Norodno Podporna Jod-.

Homtramck, Michigan named International Polka Associa- dians, he nota. But this wouldn't be accurate. The magazines I worked for were not. None of the supermarket tabloids, as THE FREE far as I know, has ever run a front-page story speculating that Ronald Reagan still has a full head ofhair because he was castrated as a youth.

Rail- roaded by the government on an obscenity charge in the Eros magazine case his conviction was upheld by the Supreme Court and the founder of rom to I was the editor of various the authentically countercultural Avant-Garde in magazines. Laden with paid endorsements for , Ginzburg liad by the late s forsaken all penis extenders, studded condoms, ultrasonic anti- artistic pretensions and was churning out bizarre rodent devices and personalized voodoo services, tabloids chockablock with sleazy advertisers and these magazi nes - A ierican Business, Better Living zany stories.

His company, Avant-Garde Media, and Money. Indeed, Ginzburgs reputation was well estab- Because of the deceptively innocuous titles and lished when I started working for him. And yet it editors of such publications as The New rke: turned out to be the opportunity of a lifetime, an Connoisseur and Bisiness Week. So even though my eighties entertainment beyond price. I got to discuss Iowa's joyridea joyride only somewhat more pointless embryonic ice cream industry with Governor Terry and profligate than the one thousands ofother, os- Branstad at the Metropolitan Club.

At a March Of tcnsibly legitimate journalists spend entire careers Dimes fundraiser at the Pierre, Julius Erving gave pursuing. No ones going to say, rewrote. The technological innovations iE Amc,icon Business? Take view with any l ecr, with a scratch-offbikini strip OVCE ti-ic girls on your pick. What -.

You can imagine hos' astounded portrait printed COSt them their I was, at first, to get a barrage ofcalls asking if I was bcncoth headlines job. L-;i k. Let me inake it clear that I never contacted And the ads wc-re infinitely scummier, too: hair- tflyOi1e to request an interview, a junket, a meal rc-nover fflittS, condoms for small penises.

Our ;c'1- or a product sample: a 1 tlhliCist alvays contacted vertisers claimed they could ptzt you in touch wih me first. So I was very surprised to learn that can safaris atl Aegean erciises. Astoria, Tavern on the Green. Ralph virtually gave his magazines away so he could compile enormous mailing lists and rent thc names, at 6 cents apiece, again and again to other mail-order operations. And with his bald-faced promotions, he did get miElions of names. Tomorro Luncheon at Sheraton Bill u'ho was i to turn down an audience u'iih a man who hai gilin so l?

Martin Feldstein say I'm all that familiar with your publication' chairman, president's Council of "Deregulation of the airline industry has im- Economic Advisers. Vherei'e;- there's a lona at the Helmsley Palace. S1 AY Phone interview with investment sea or in the air if it is re!

Once, at an event in honor of the lyn newspaper , Tom Brokaw at the John l-lan- Halston fragrance at the New York Yacht Club, I cock Awards for Excellence in Business and Finan- overheard the PR person hanlling registration tell cia] Journalism , New Jersey governor Thomas a rather timid writer from a legitimate business Kean at the opening ola swamplands marina.

I magazine Savvy or Ent-ep-eneu;-- with as much spent an afternoon drinking "Award 'inning chilly New York impoliteness as she could muster Wines" from Pat Paulscn Vineyards and charring that the event had "an exclusive guest list" and that with Paulsen's wile. Yet the editor of the magazine with St. The sponsors were apparently unable to blond badRSVP'd, so ofcoursc he was on the exclu- lure cigar-smoking legends such as George Burns sive list. In [ 1 attended a press conference held by Lovers Day, so they had ro settle for Auerbach, one ofthose no-Frills international airlines that has Alan King and Alan Thicke.

When I arrived, I told the functionary my north Philadelphia, one of my niost jealously name and affiliation, and she wrote it on an ID guarded dreams was ro one day stand toe-to-roe badge. But she took up so much space with Anieri- with the president of Campbell Soup, domestic ran that she had to abbreviate B,,jines. Later the division, and talk about current soup tonnage.

On September 30, , that boyhood dream was "American Bu. At a cocktail reception held at the. On this occasion. Bauni countcrcd Medical School when she l e l but "unfrtunately. I cclaring that she had 'a direct. The breathtaking in- to have an Amynei about the square root of story kits Federal Expressed to pes sent in by the nation's competence of PR peo- them: a sort of perky, ideas proposed by peo- me from the building I cereal lovers.

Each con- pie often irked me, but buoyant, zesty inanity. East the 19th floor, and just to disguised as respectable the corner coffee shop counseling corporations Coast PR offices handle make sure it wasn't a food. I munched on Tor- instead ofLuthce. But it arc subsidizing to help clients in telecommuni- fluke, I called downstairs ta Ricotta Italiana with was not all annoyance employees cope with in- cations, energy, insur- and asked ifthey could Chex; shrimp-spiced and vexation; there were formation overload.

They did. A while back, I devel- ideas pitched by people up in a helicopter and the way back to the 26th Unembarrassed iinptfes- oped a mathematical named Amy, I came up surgically remove 50 floor of Broadway. The most im- like receiving a press called the Amy Quo- stipulates that in any colon while you're on aginative food l've ever release covered with tient. This grew out of given issue, the num- your way to meet the eaten was at a luncheon Wite Out and yellow my theory that at least ber of stories generated man who designs the at '21' given by the RaI- highlighter ink, nasty half the account execu- by Amys divided by singing toilet seats of ston Purina Company, comments from a bare- tives in the US.

Rice Chex division. They ly literate superior, and named Amy. Balli - thank OU fr ritking a and ii rveyors t f ini racle eu res. I n fact, La nders small boys dream come truc. S, I was always velconic. One night I had clic tac ot tiy astoundingly dumb questions about dinner wich Lester Thurow, who publishes best- their Irincts, strategies and backgrounds.

When sellers, teaches at MIT and used to write an eco- I asked Mullane if he went to the casinos on his nomics column for Newsweek. My prepara. Ward, chicfofthe U. Then he list corporate support for our reservists, touching asked ifl'd likesome money to help with the check. I asked him about those card and Sl2 in my pocket, was expected to pay for people up in Minnesota who were protesting the the S70 meal.

When he put his 30 bucks on the use of reservists to build roads in Nicaragua. He table and left 7. Guardsmen, not reservists, and they were building a ccicbratory pig upon Out of there. I've always wondered if I should have Ihis release from prison on roads in Honduras, not Nicaragua. One day I got a noce from a PR agency encourag- skipping out, I might as well have been hung for ing me to call if I ever, for any reason, needed to a sheep as for a lamb.

Just to be on the safe side, talk to singer Carol Lawrence. Recalling that I'd I've never gone back to the Tea Room and when read somewhere that Lawrence and her ex-bus- you're in town, Lester, I think you should give it band, Robert Goulet, liad assembled an impres- a wide berth, too. A few days later I got a call from Lawrence. As we sat in the cavernous cor- his stjte. This bold visionary spoke of the Rhode Island dream for a full 20 minutes, at the end of which I could feel the receiver burning in my hand, inflamed by the governors passion.

Boone Pickens's time I wasted in Ai a Florida sta. But I neve,. In the nineties, every- one will be fabulous for 10 full years! This i. How will this impact on gold? Will it play in Peoria? Whats the upside West bring new meaning to global warming. Hey, what about the pics. For four years, runners and umpers, Japanese? Know- gling amongst the shot-putters. He and lady love Liz lawyers, executives from the will have mucho to make music aboutafter Shiphuilders Council of all, it's not every decade that bells ring for hil- lionaires in the Sagrada Familia!

Can-do de- America, presidents of veloper Donald Trump will see to ir that the artificial-intelligence corpo- unfinished drip-castle cathedral is finished rations, heads of computer- just in time for the nineties nuptialsa cen- ized horse-breeding compa- tury behind schedule, but definitely under nies and politicians. And I usually As for the younger generation: The sun- got the same banal drenched young girls of the Paris of Spain answers. Igot the cade.

The melody will linger on in a veritable the mayor bolero barceloniano as the rich and the fa- idea for this article, of Barcelona mous join the rest ofhumaniry in welcoming and Diane for example, while ly- the year in a distinctly Spanish accent. Sawyer not 'a;JQo. November 1 : We get a coil from Mitch Zomorin, nice enough to invite me Robin Leach's publicist over for a one-week, all-expenses-paid stay in a four- "Ini calling about Robin Leach. The indi-fat- star hotel, ostensibly to participate in an interna- igable, one and only Robin Leach.

I was won- tional conference on high technology. I was thinking maybe 'Robin Leach The extent ofthe French coverage in our magazines Looks at the Nineties: that sort of thing.

You before my trip had been oddball items plucked out know, he's very plugged into this p,oiivelle socie- of the National Enqiiirer a story, for instance, t ', he could do forecasts.

You know, the same about an organization ofFrench stutterers trying to people he's covered in the past, he could say get rebates from the phone company because of alJ where theyll be going in the nineties. Well, with your mag-. Ruin The seafaring set will thrill to the harbor really like it to sound like it authentically mc out here?

I mean, Im just jumping off the views, and they dont come any fresher than comes from Robin, but this is so, um, hip, like deep end here' the mussels at the lapas bars! The whole world postmodern pastiche:.

For- Il. November 2: We call Mitch back to find out will be watchingand cheeringwhen this gel about it! I mean, you guys are hip, there's no more about this intriguing proposal Mediterranean metropolis plays host to the question about it, but, um, you know what I We were jilsi wondering u'hai kind of thing Olympics in And art lovers will find mean?..

God, there I am looking it up in my "No. He doesn't have time, nor can he playground; dig those crazy cathedrals by dictionary, would you believe it?! We don't write anything under his own byline. One is his so get ready for plenty of the three C's: cul- that sounds more like Robin. Obnoxious it look back at the eighties as far as, you know, turc, couture and Catalonian charm! I mean, he'll be viewed as kind IV. November Mitch calls us back hip. November We fax Mitch our third draft Lifeslylei aired all through the eighties.

SO it'S. Um, then In the nineties, every- something that would be funny is his look as it is right now, but he would ifit was maybe re- one will be fabulous for 10 full years! This at those people in the eighties, what he sees written a little better. He's saying it would be swan song of the century will start out hot for them in the nineties. Something like that.

It could be sarcas and get hotter fast, as greater friendship be- Um, l'mjusr proposing this, and ifyou're in- tic, fun, whatever, but I mean, it is spy. This is a tween East and West brings new meaning to terested, we could pursue it. But he doesn't little bland. I'm just being honest. But Barcelo- global warming. You see, he doesn't write.

Maybe you V. Later that day: We fax Mitch our second draft class athletes in the world converge for a ram- could come up with some pretty nifty ideas "The twentieth century vilI close out with a hIe on Las Ramblas in Barcelona for the Sum- yourself. For four years, runners and 1 11 he JllggeJI yoll call iii? Be it a revival of jumpers, swimmers and vaulters have risked "No! No, no, no, no. I'm a publicist. Teddy Roosevelt specs and trolleycar transit Sl1 and strain to train mainly for Spain.

I mean, I call on my own. Researchers from the National University of Singapore have found a way to quickly detect GHB Gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid, also known as a "date rape drug" alongside Rohypnol roofies , Time reveals. Once mixed with a beverage that contains GHB, the newly discovered liquid changes into a fluorescent orange color in less than 30 seconds. The method is reportedly "faster, simpler and more obvious" than other GHB tests meant to discover the use of date rape drugs.

The drug is colorless, odorless and tasteless, which is why it's mixed with alcoholic drinks. The researchers will have GHB test kits in stores later this year, although it's not immediately clear what they would look Read More 1. Its depth was approximately A tsunami has been generated, and evacuations have been ordered along the coast near the Tsunami warnings were also issued for Peru and Ecuador. Chile's emergency service reported some roads blocked by landslides caused by the quake, but said no injuries had been reported so far.

People can be pretty gullible when it comes to things they Read More 1. Discover - 2 Apr In order to set the right asset allocation, discussion is needed regarding future goals, the investment time horizon, risk tolerance, contribution and spending levels to name but a few. Many people understand their risk tolerance how much risk they are comfortable with but very few understand how much risk is required to meet their goals. Most investors do not know their asset allocation.

A simple, well thought out portfolio is likely to deliver performance at least on a par with many highly sophisticated and complex portfolios, at lower risk. In our next article we will explain the surprising benefits of regular rebalancing.

At FFP we aim to remove complexity, replacing it with simplicity and clarity so that our clients can enjoy their lives without worry. For a fresh take on your accounts, speak to Hunts. T: E: info huntsaccountants. From birth we acquire skills to satisfy our basic needs: a baby screaming for food, attention and comfort, or an adult seeking customers, clients and profit. Some people are employed and some, myself included, work for themselves. However, running your own business requires time, effort and persistence.

Ask any self-employed person the number of hours they work in a week and the answer will shock you. We were both selling ourselves and our wares. I discovered we share the same personal trainer Craig Hardaker, see Folk Tales, October , we both love sailing, skiing, walking along the Corton Ridge see Folk Tales, Bill Brown, October and we both realise life never stands still!

Back in time. Nigeria, June Nicky is three months old and it is very hot, as was Sierra Leone which followed. Not surprisingly, she is fluent in French. Between the ages of 6 and 12, Tokyo was home. No Japanese to learn, just the boredom of a walled ex-pat compound. Aged 12, you guessed it, Dad moves again, and Chislehurst, Kent becomes home.

Stability at last? Nicky stays put, this time at a boarding school in Croydon. London is fun. A love of the theatre blossoms. A man. They manage a time-share resort in Wales, marry, have children BUT something is missing.

They want their own business! Shropshire proved not to be, they were gazumped in Sussex, but finally, in May , the Eastbury Hotel, Sherborne was theirs. Fifteen bedrooms, all run down. The recession followed and by they were exhausted; they put the hotel on the market, turnover fell even further and there were no buyers. One of the things I love about Sherborne is its energy.

Folk come here on a mission to do things differently, more consciously, and bring vitality to the town. Nicky and Paul could have been forgiven for quitting; instead they rolled up their sleeves, put in the hours, Chamber of Commerce, tourism and the rest. They made it work, rebuilt the turnover and created the amazing venue it is today. I knew none of the above when booking the Eastbury for my wedding last December, rather than the council chamber. It was seamless, professional, accommodating and the whole place had a warm and welcoming energy.

We laughed, danced, and sang the night away. We even had an impromptu Soprano sing-off, courtesy of guests and Abbey , our ever-growing local radio station. A tired but smiling Nicky greeted me the following morning and we shared the joy of an amazing event. She also told me of her desire for pastures new, something different. Thank you, Nicky, for sharing your Folk Tales with me and for making my wedding day the best ever.

Have a great March. In the beginning there was dial-up buzzing modem noise , with speeds of up to 0. Then there was broadband DSL with speeds of up to 1mb; this was quickly upgraded to up to 8mb and, in more recent years, up to 20mb. Both dial-up and broadband were delivered to your house over the copper wires of your telephone line from the local telephone exchange, however, the speed degrades over a maximum distance of 6km so the unfortunate ones living down a farm track near Charlton Horethorne had a pretty bad deal.

Now we have fibre or, more correctly, we have fibre to the cabinet FTTC , where super-fast speeds are delivered by fibre-optic cable to the little green boxes that have sprung up everywhere. Then the service is connected to your house over the good old copper wires. Unfortunately, the speed degrades over a shorter distance of only 2.

Always check that you have a little filter in every telephone socket where something is plugged in. One of my recent jobs in Sherborne improved from 5mb to 15mb just by getting the right filters in the right sockets. Probably the worst offender is you trying to run your business while having 4 teenage children streaming TV, movies and on-line gaming with the X-Box all at the same time.

Apple and Microsoft have now released updates to plug this hole and you should always check that you are upto-date. As always, if you need help with this or any other technology you know where to come. Replacing an existing garage door? Planning to build a new home or garage? They are hopeful he will hold free and fair elections and respect the result. He has strong links with China where he trained and which has a stake in Zimbabwe. A referendum requested by Mugabe in to enable him to reign for ever was lost and the belief was that Mugabe felt that the white farmers with their expertise and help to the opposition had been behind this losing vote after he had allowed them to prosper since Independence.

The result was the violent seizure of the farms owned by the 4, white farmers without any compensation. These productive units were not handed to the people, but were taken over by members of the cabinet and supporters of Mugabe and were badly run.

Diamonds were discovered at Maranga, one of the richest deposits in the world in There have been a lot of legal wrangles over the ownership of the site in spite of Zimbabwe being part of the Kimberley Process with De Beers which guarantees the high. There was illegal mining as the first ones were alluvial, found easily in water, and had disappeared quickly. The proceeds from Maranga could have solved many a Zimbabwe financial problem but they were rumoured to have been stolen by the government and cabinet members.

Mugabe himself is said to have amassed a fortune of over one billion pounds from numerous sources. Newly installed President Mnangagwa is reportedly offering a three-month amnesty window for the return of public funds illegally stashed abroad by both individuals and companies. He said the government would arrest and prosecute those who failed to comply with the February deadline. He has promised to tackle corruption.

It appears that Mugabe will be left to retire in peace in Zimbabwe bearing in mind that he remains an icon among African leaders as in their view he successfully liberated Zimbabwe. The treatment of his wife Grace, who owns seven dairy farms, has yet to be revealed. I am sure the new President will understand that the recovery of the country will need to involve a hard currency.

They have not had one of their own since as hyperinflation killed off the Zimbabwean dollar. There will need to be assurances made to any potential investors of the credibility and stability of the country and its leadership. The possibilities of creating a new and vibrant, productive country are boundless.

There are many Zimbabweans living in London, in the UK and in other countries who may well wish to return to help in this task. They should be encouraged to so do. Act evasively 11 9. Smooth textile fibre 5 Mythical monster 3 Ordered arrangement 5 Wine container 8 Relating to an empire 8 Delicious 5 Sense of self-esteem 3 Showery 5 Persistent harassment DOWN 2. Take back 7 3. Fluctuating 7 4. Runs at a moderate pace 5 7. A parent's Mum 11 8. Admit to be true 11 Decipher 7 Small flute 7 Lunatic 6 Breathe heavily at night 5 At the time of writing, the failings of the Crown Prosecution Service are making headline news although, such are the transient whims of the media, they may have gone off-radar by the time you read this little over a month later.

This book, by a practising junior barrister specialising in criminal law who has chosen to remain anonymous in the interests of candour, does nothing to allay that concern; in fact, it stokes it. No injection of funds, no recruitment of committed. There is a vein of mocking, sometimes selfdeprecatory humour that runs through the whole book and that may carry the reader with it. The verdict of the profession as a whole could be that it is over-wrought, unfairly selective and in places wildly over-generalised.

But this book will cause a stir as have the blogs of the same Secret Barrister over the past couple of years. You will almost certainly lose your reputation, your friends, family solidarity, job associates, livelihood, a great deal of money and your peace of mind. You may even lose your liberty for a shorter or longer period. I take this opportunity to thank our Australian cousins for their New Year gift and hold no grudge!

I was fortunate to only be out of circulation for two weeks and certainly now I am fully recovered. How quickly something as virulent as a virus can spread, creating havoc for individuals and communities: bringing life to a standstill in some instances and for some, in severe cases, death.

Bad things seem to spread swiftly, and we certainly see this over and over again in third world countries. So why should evil things get their own way all the time — what about good things?

Is it not possible for good to be just as virulent? While taking my enforced rest, and pondering on passing on infection, I was reminded of the film Pay it Forward, which I watched with our boys many years ago.

The story is about a young boy who works out mathematically how quickly acts of kindness can spread when one person carries out an act of kindness to three individuals and then those three folk do the same.

Very quickly the kindness spreads. The effect on communities is significant, and in some cases brings life-changing experiences for individuals, some who feel they have never experienced the gift of kindness in their lives.

The acts of kindness had to be carried out not expecting anything in return — I suppose they could be described as acts of grace, unmerited, unearned, undeserved. How different our society might look if we all acted in this way. My own experience is that when we give out without expectation of return, we are blessed immeasurably and sometimes in amazing ways.

Our own emotional well-being is undoubtedly improved, and certainly that of the receiver. As we move toward Easter, Christians will be thinking of and celebrating the amazing act of grace carried out by Jesus Christ, His sacrificial life and death and victorious resurrection bringing for each one of us the opportunity of life in all its fullness.

For those who call themselves Christians, Jesus has called us to effect change for the better with all those we come into contact with. However, I believe we should all think more of the needs of others than ourselves. My prayer is that, like a virus, true love, grace and fellowship sweeps through our family, community, and nation effecting change for the better for all people.

We are excited to announce that as from Mother's Day we will be open Sunday lunchtimes, serving traditional family roasts Classically presented local meats and vegetarian alternatives 3 The Green, Sherborne, Dorset DT9 3HY greensherborne www.

See More. Yeovil Audi. Look No Further. Village Hall, Milborne Port. Digby Hall, Hound Street. New bvyntmembership outlook. Everyone Catholic Church Hall, Westbury. Talk have you completely enthralled! Fluff Modern History, Uni of Southampton. Journey Sunday 11th A portrait of independent TIC. Entry by donation. There is limited parking on site, additional parking available nearby on Oborne Road. West Thursday 8th 2. New members very welcome.

Free admission, sherbornetimes. Star-studded Agatha Wednesday 21st 2. Interval ice Write a Life-Changing Novel creams. Tickets moviola. Hear how Wednesday 21st 7.

Jerram Gallery, Half Moon St. View our collection in Wednesday 14th 7. Sometimes a drop of explores the relationship between A. By Ros Thursday 15th 7pm for 7. Talk with photographs from Sherborne Museum.

A small Cheap Street Church Hall. All materials provided. Proceeds to Sherborne Food Bank. ONE single female to share furnished apartment. No flooding. Call PHONE Call , 9 am - 5 pm. Call Sunita during office hrs. CALL , Parking available. Self contained, all amenities. La Penitence. Phone , or e-mail: tonyreidsrealty hotmail. ONE room to rent, furnished apartment for a single decent working female on East Bank. East Coast Demerara.

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Suitable for overseas visitors. Long and short term basis also 2 office spaces or any other business. ONE top flat fully furnished three-bedroom nvor I Bel Air Park. Ideal large family, or guest house, phone, tanks, 2-vehicle parking. Call or Call , Monday, Wednesday, Friday, between 9 am and. Contact Sandra King ,, FOR immediate lease on Northern Hogg Island acres of cultivated rice land along with rice mill complete with drying floor and dryer.

Also tractor, combine, bulldozer for sale. Serious enquiries only. Check out Sunflower Hotel. Long term or short term 3 hours, daily, weekly, monthly. AC, TV- self-contained. We take bookings. Call , ask for Margaret, Fazia or Rose Ann. Call " A -"-- -I ,. Regent St. VERY breezy one new semi-fli-iThdrl executive two- flat concrete house. Ground floor spacious living. Telephone and standby generator. For enquiry, calT telephone Commercial spaces. Agent Christopher Goodridge. Telephone , , Location 20 Bel Air Gardens.

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Tel: , Monday Saturday, hrs ONE two-storey wooden and concrete 4- bedroom house, ouu, Gardens Contact Ronald on or Samantha on Vacant possession. Call , Cell Ideal commercial spot. Going corner car wash and lumber yard.

Ally -. Barnes Mc Caskey Realty. Sheriff St. Kindly call for more information. Thanks for the opportunity to fill your needs.

Call us today!!! Imagine yourself owning any of the above. Phone Mrs. Tucker - , Mrs. Layne or E-mail: tonyreidsrealty hotmail. Success Realty. As is. Wills Realty , FLA ir CALL ONE new Frigidaire freezer 15 cu.

Call , Call for details. ONE 4-cylinder Bedford portable welding plan, D. Key start. Cal EARTH for sale. Delivery to spot. Excavating, grading and leveling of land.

Dewormed healthy foreign and aggressive line. Reasonably priced. TWO five-Dish and one four-Dish plough and one trail harrow. Ideal for rice work. Readily neg. Also shock treatment for swimming pools. Phone h - h , Mon. Telephone Price neg. Good working condition. Contact Mark Anthony - , Lister, PTO's for all types.

ONE 1 5-rni,. Reasonable priced. Owner leaving country. Contact , btiza-Jou. Call anytime. Prices negotiable. Sold by boxes, wholesale quantity. Call , , Never used. Call- , , In good condition. Will register with no cost to buyer. Contact , Cell First owner , fully powered, auto start, chrome rims, CD Player, power amp.

Immaculate condition. Contact Sharon's Boutique, Stabroek Market. Cell Fast and efficient service. Phone h h , Mon. Con- tact: Gray on Tel. HA,4ND carved antique furniture from India dining set, centre table, book case, room divider, jewel boxes. Telephone 8 am 4 pm, Cell Lay away plan also m-can be viewed avaiiauic. Guaranteed best customer service provider for fast, reliable and best service.

Get connected today. Call Brian at for details. Turbo fan - cooled for extended use at full power amps 35 3-Phase volts, electrode diameter 1. Call Godfrey CALL , , Contact Francis Persaud.

Owner migrating. TEL: ready; Nissan Sports car. Ohms, speaker parts, 24, excellent condition. Call antenna and accessories, For more informa- Turbo engines starters, just arrived CAT Call A.

Priced to immaculate condition with mag compgenerators and weldin go. Tel plants. Love And Kisses. Oh Taboo Tug Trauma. Us First, Earth Last.

Nihilism Not Idealism. Death To Utopia. The Kelmscott Song. Muffdyka Mani. Strumpeband Strumpa Slarva.

The story of a man who just really wishes death would let him be. He tried once. Lived a wonderful life, died at a ripe old age. Yet once more he lives in the body of a young child. Time has torn his life's work away, and his only skills are ones from a time long past. Lost, he stumbles upon a game he recognizes.

Arnd Stein - Traumland. Sanfte Musik Zum Träumen Und Wohlfühlen (CD, Album)

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Shipping: To most european countries, see shipping details. Wie lauten Ihre Kontodaten? Sie erhalten die Kontodaten in der Kaufabwicklung. Kunden, die diesen Artikel gekauft haben, kauften auch. Seite 1 von 1 Zum Anfang Seite 1 von 1. Arnd Stein. Die Wunschinsel. Der Geheimnisvolle Planet Entdeckungsreise zu besseren Schulleistungen. Ralf Kiwit. Kunden, die diesen Artikel angesehen haben, haben auch angesehen.

Entspannungsmusik, Eine musikalische Traumreise. Welche anderen Artikel kaufen Kunden, nachdem sie diesen Artikel angesehen haben? Elke Gulden. Medie 1.

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Arnd Stein Inselträume, 1 Audio-CD. Sanfte Musik zum Träumen und Wohlfühlen. Entspannungsmusik für Kinder Komponist: Stein,Arnd.

One More Day & One More Night - Rochelle (12) - Curious (CD, Album)

Artist: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Album: Echo. One more night, God I've had to fight To keep my line of sight on what's real One more day I fear I've lost my way I don't know how to say what I feel Someone better hurry I'm all alone And I keep breaking down Breaking down, you know? No one ever taught me to be on my own And I keep breaking down Breaking down, you know? One more night my eyes reflect the light In the distance something bright appears One more day it's too hard to explain What goes on in my brain is not clear Someone better hurry I'm all alone And I keep breaking down Breaking down, you know?

No one ever taught me to be on my own Yeah and I keep breaking down Breaking down, you know? So hold on one more night Hold out one more day Hold on one more night Hold out one more day There'll be one more night and things will be made right Again I'll hold you tight my dear One more day and I'll collect my pay And soon be far away from here.

Note: When you embed the widget in your site, it will match your site's styles CSS. This is just a preview! Cannot annotate a non-flat selection. Make sure your selection starts and ends within the same node. In Lyrics. By Artist. By Album. Style: Country. Powered by CITE. When Lleyton Hewitt whizzed one final backhand passing shot by Pete Sampras on match point, the stunned year-old Aussie baseliner fell flat onto his back.

For those few seconds, roles For David Cone, it was a gesture of gratitude. A just-completed poll of 1, Democrats finds Mark Green with 28 percent of the mayoral primary vote, followed by Fernando Ferrer at 20 percent and Peter Vallone and Alan Hevesi The shellshocked city of Sacramento was hit with another grisly massacre over the weekend as a fired security guard allegedly blew away four people, including three co-workers.

A massive manhunt Leopold Jr. Last year, the event, which has the highest While walking off the court after her defeat Saturday, Serena Williams put on a brave face. But her stoic mask shattered when she burst into tears in the hallway.

Democratic fund-raiser and posh Pardongater Denise Rich knows how to throw a party — especially when it comes to her designing daughter, Ilona. Rich yesterday hosted a star-studded gala for In Lyrics. By Artist. By Album. Style: Funk , Pop Rock. Powered by CITE. Missing lyrics by Maroon 5? Know any other songs by Maroon 5?

Watch 'em run amuck, Catch 'em as they fall, Never know your luck When there's a free for all, Here's a little 'dip' There a little 'touch' Most of them are goners So they won't miss much! We will join these people's heroes We will follow where they go We will learn their little secrets, We will know the things they know. One more day to revolution We will nip it in the bud We'll be ready for these schoolboys. Watch 'em run amok Catch 'em as they fall Never know your luck When there's a free-for-all!

View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of One More Night on Discogs. Label: Not On Label (Maroon 5) - Maroonight • Format: Vinyl 12 Maroon 5 - One More Night .

Goodgod Damm - Alexandra Scott - Works In Progress (CDr, Album)

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Contribute Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Formerly director of technology at Geffen Records, Griffin is now chairman of OneHouse, an e-commerce consulting firm that specializes in intellectual properties, like music.

They are willing to share those resources that they have, but those are relatively meager, even in the digital world. The issue, according to Griffin, is simple: "What are you bringing to the party to help that artist?

For all the criticism they might get, they do put a lot of money into the bands they sign. If you get signed by a major label, they're going to put six figures of money into you at the bare minimum, and that helps any business.

Griffin's skepticism of the DAM model doesn't stop him from admiring Robertson and his gumption. He thinks only about the future. From his work on MP3. If his bet with DAM proves similarly popular, some as-yet-unheard-of musicians may also reap the rewards.

View Comments. In Her Heart buy track 4. Unconditional buy track 5. The Doorway buy track 6. War Exists buy track 7. When Darkness Reigns buy track 8. Redeemed buy track 9. Compromise buy track Vessels buy track Lies of Grandeur buy track People Pleasing buy track Hell buy track The Book Of Life buy track Comfort Me 4. The Queen Alone 5. Memphis Queen. No Secrets 2. Coming Around Again 3. Anticipation 4. Boys in the Trees 5.

Tapestry 2. Music 3. Thoroughbred 4. Wrap Around Joy 5. Really Rosie. The Cars 2. Heartbeat City 3. Candy-O 4. Shake It Up 5. Tea For the Tillerman 2. Teaser and the Firecat 3.

Catch Bull at Four 4. Mona Bone Jakon 5. Buddha and the Chocolate Box. Some Friendly 2. Tellin' Stories 3. The Charlatans 4. Between 10th and 11th 5. Us and Us Only. Fire on the Mountain 2. Million Mile Reflections 3.

Saddle Tramp 4. Full Moon 5. Simple Man. Cheap Trick At Budokan 2. In Color 3. Heaven Tonight 4. Dream Police 5. Cheap Trick. Dig Your Own Hole 2. Exit Planet Dust 3. Surrender 4. Come with Us 5. Push the Button. C'est Chic 2. Risque 3. Chic 4.

Real People 5. Take It Off. Chicago Transit Authority 2. Chicago V 3. Chicago II 4. Chicago VI 5. Chicago A Lonely Man 2. Give It Away 4. Toby 5. The Chi-Lites. Exclusive 2. Chris Brown 3. Into the Light 2. The Getaway 3. Man on the Line 4. Spanish Train and Other Stories 5. Flying Colours. Chuck Berry Is On Top 2. After School Session 3. One Dozen Berrys 4. Louis To Liverpool 5.

Rockin' At The Hops. Patches 2. This Is Clarence Carter 3. Testifyin' 4. The Dynamic Clarence Carter 5. Let's Burn. London Calling 2. The Clash 3. Combat Rock 4. Give 'Em Enough Rope 5. I'm Nearly Famous 2. From A Distance: The Event 4. Cliff 5. I'm No Hero. Heaven or Las Vegas 2. Treasure 3. Blue Bell Knoll 4. Victorialand 5. Head Over Heels. Parachutes 3. Mylo Xyloto. Collective Soul 2.

Dosage 4. Disciplined Breakdown 5. Commodores 2. Natural High 3. Caught In The Act 4. Commodores Live! Hot On The Tracks. Like Water for Chocolate 2. Resurrection 4. Finding Forever 5. August and Everything After 2. Recovering the Satellites 3.

This Desert Life 4. Hard Candy 5. Together 4. CJ Fish 5. Here We Are Again. Disraeli Gears 2. Wheels of Fire 3. Fresh Cream 4. Goodbye 5. Live Cream. Cosmo's Factory 2. Green River 3. Willie and the Poor Boys 4. Bayou Country 5. Four Way Street 4. CSN 5. Daylight Again. Crowded House 2. Woodface 3. True Colours Split Enz 4. Temple of Low Men 5. Together Alone. Disintegration 2. The Head On The Door 3. Wish 5. Superfly 2. Curtis 3. Back To The World 4. Curtis Live 5. Cypress Hill 2. Black Sunday 3.

Stoned Raiders. Custom Search of DDD. Time of My Life 10cc 1. Voulez-Vous ABC 1. High Voltage Aerosmith 1. Permanent Vacation AFI 1. Crash Love Air 1. Pocket Symphony Al Green 1. Eve Alanis Morissette 1. So-Called Chaos Alice Cooper 1. Girl on Fire Allman Brothers Band 1. The Allman Brothers Band America 1. Hat Trick Animal Collective 1. Here Comes the Indian Animals 1.

Winds of Change Anita Baker 1. The Songstress Anthrax 1. State of Euphoria Aphex Twin 1. Everything Now Arctic Monkeys 1. Suck It and See Aretha Franklin 1. Aretha Live at Fillmore West Ashanti 1.

Jul 11,  · 7/10/ Hide-Away-Hills Ohio. 🔴 Sleep Music 24/7, Calm Music, Sleep Meditation, Insomnia, Sleep Therapy, Spa, Study, Relax, Sleep Yellow Brick Cinema - Relaxing Music 3, watching Live now.

Blue Star (The Theme From Medic) - The Ventures - Walk, Dont Run Vol. 2 (Vinyl, LP, Album)

We encourage you to view all the pictures and read our comments on the conditions, as we find these to be more beneficial than a standard grade. Vinyl - only given to sealed records, or records we personally acquired new, opened them but never played.

Of course since the record is sealed we cannot guarantee there are no pressing flaws or minor warping, and since all the sealed records we sell are out of print, we cannot except returns or exchanges on sealed records that have been opened.

Cover - has some very minor cosmetic issue, like a light crease, light ring wear, nothing that is very noticeable. May have light surface noise such as pops, clicks and crackles but it should be occasional and not consistent and not overwhelming. May have light warping but it should not affect the play. Cover - will have noticeable wear such as ring wear, seam splitting, writing on cover, creases, etc.

Could be a couple items not all and they should not be major. Vinyl - will look VERY played, have lot of marks, scuffs, scratches possibly deep , play with noticeable maybe even consistent background noise but is still listenable.

May have warping but it should not affect play. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. Release Date October 11, Track Listing - Disc 1. The Ventures. Walk Don't Run. Let's Go. Ghost Riders in the Sky. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Blues Classical Country.

Electronic Folk International. Jazz Latin New Age. Wednesday 8 April Thursday 9 April Friday 10 April Saturday 11 April Sunday 12 April Monday 13 April Tuesday 14 April Wednesday 15 April Thursday 16 April Friday 17 April Saturday 18 April Sunday 19 April Monday 20 April Tuesday 21 April Wednesday 22 April Thursday 23 April Friday 24 April Saturday 25 April Sunday 26 April Monday 27 April Tuesday 28 April Wednesday 29 April Thursday 30 April Friday 1 May Saturday 2 May Sunday 3 May Monday 4 May Tuesday 5 May Wednesday 6 May Thursday 7 May Friday 8 May Saturday 9 May Sunday 10 May Monday 11 May Tuesday 12 May The Four Seasons.

Canned Heat. Warp Drive. The Motels. Oak Ridge Boys. The Alarm. Mike Runnels. Reba McEntire. Spandau Ballet. How to Order. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. Track Listing. The House of the Rising Sun. The Ventures.

Jan 23,  · Category Music; Suggested by UMG Alesso - Midnight feat. Liam Payne (Lyric Video) Song Blue Star (The Medic Theme) Artist The Ventures.

Mico Wave - Instant Replay (Vinyl)

View all trending tracks. Loading player…. Scrobble from Spotify? Connect to Spotify Dismiss. Search Search. Related Tags fun with vinyl funk rakt over disc p-funk Add tags View all tags. Similar To Philippe Wynne. Buy Loading. More Love this track. Similar Artists Play all.

Trending Tracks 1. Features Exploring the local sounds and scenes at Noise Pop Fest. Albums of the latest and loved, and the ones to look out for discover By okspud1 15 Feb am. All Things Hyped: Last. Play track. Love this track. More Love this track Set track as current obsession Get track Loading.

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Elvis Presley. The Beatles. The Rolling Stones. Pop general. Current Pop. Pop 90s. Pop 80s. French Pop. French Rock. Johnny Hallyday. Traditional Music. Pays Basque. Others French. European Grooves. Other Countries. Soul 80s. Italo Disco. Acid jazz. Groove Revival. Jazz Classic.

Cool Jazz. Modern Jazz. Jazz fusion. Vocal jazz. Spiritual jazz. They practiced every day that year, only appearing three times to perform. Being too young to call the shots in that band, and feeling that it was time for something new, Mico quit the band and put together one of his own. By then, Mico dropped out of Centennial High School in eleventh grade, as music and creativity was everything to him. He stayed with Live Wire for a year until he got his first break. He auditioned as a keyboardist for the Chi-Lites singing group in Chicago , and was hired.

Not being mentally ready for Chicago after having grown up in his small hometown of Champaign, he returned back home after just two days. By this time, they were opening for acts like Sister Sledge and playing in bigger clubs throughout the Midwest. Ultimately he and his father did not get along in the band, so he quit; that is when he decided that it was his turn. Love Me Just For Me. Special Generation. The Message Inspiration.

Brass Construction. On The Inside. Mary Jane Girls. Pretty Lady. The Whispers. Do It To Me Now. Instant replay is most commonly used in sports, but is also used in other fields of live TV. While the first near-instant replay system was developed and used in Canada, the first instant replay was developed and deployed in the United States.

Listen to music from Mico Wave like Instant Replay and Misunderstood. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from Mico Wave.